What is mental health?

Mental health sounds scary. But actually, it’s just about how we think, act and feel every day. Mental health is all the things which go on within your mind such as your thoughts and feelings. Everybody has mental health. You can have both good and bad mental health which can change day to day and at different times in your life. Sometimes though, you might decide that you need some help or support. This website has been created to help you to know where you can go and who you can speak to.

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How can we help?

Kirklees Keep in Mind helps children and young people improve their mental health and emotional wellbeing. This might be directly with young people and or their parents/carers. Sometimes this work may be 1-1 and sometimes in a group. We work very closely with schools and you may see us in school delivering assemblies or workshops to offer advice and strategies for challenging times such as exams and transition to high school. There are also lots of resources and links on this website for you to use.

What might be some signs I need some support with my mental health?

It’s normal to occasionally feel anxious or have bad days, but if this having a significant impact on your daily life, e.g affecting your sleep, not wanting to meet up with friends or affecting you taking part in activities you usually enjoy then you may need to seek some support to help improve things.

How do I get in contact with Kirklees Keep in Mind?

If you are a young person, please speak to a member of staff in school who you trust. They will direct you to someone who can talk to you about our service and see if it is suitable for you, or advise who else might be able to help. If you are a parent and require support for your child, please contact the school and they will discuss with you and see whether the service is suitable for your child’s needs or advise you who else might be able to help.

Who can I contact if I need urgent help with my mental health?

Please see the urgent help page for who to contact if you need immediate help with your mental health.

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Young person

"My whole world has opened up. I wouldn’t be enrolling for college now if it wasn’t for our sessions. I recently had some anxiety, then told myself it will pass and it did in a few moments. I go out every single day now and feel normal and optimistic about the future. Things have totally flipped, when I go out I feel better than when I stay in now."

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